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Mopar Instrument Clusters

We restore hundreds of Mopar instrument clusters per year and are very familiar with them." Here is what we usually find after bench-testing this type of cluster:

Mopar Gauges
  • Small gauges almost always work. If yours do we can calibrate for $30 ea. x 4 = $120

  • Speedometers are almost always worn out, the grease gets old and hard and they have a small plastic bushing that wears out. Price to install a new drive, service, and calibrate is $295.

    Mopar Gauges
  • Clock quartz conversion is $185

  • If the tach is dead we can install a new circuit board and calibrate for $195. We often find working tachs to be 1,000 rpm and sometimes 2,000 rpm off! We can rebalance and rehang the meter plus calibrate for $95. You will probably need one of these services.

    The Mopar factory tachs will not work with modern electronic ignition systems. We can modify your tach and replace the meter and board with modern components for $325. The tach will then work with any modern electronic ignition system.

  • We can silkscreen the gauge faces to show quality and strip/reshoot the pointers back to their correct color. We don�t use decals like our competitors, we literally bead blast the dials and start over. They are absolutely show-quality. Total price is $325.

    Mopar Gauges
  • We can polish most lenses for $60.

    We have found the original voltage limiters to be very reliable although if they fail, they usually send 12v to the 6v gauges and they all burn up.
    The replacement limiters are now made in China and we've had many failures with them.
    We now carry a solid state voltage limiter that is extremely reliable and if it fails, it shuts itself off, saving the gauges. Price for the solid state limiter is $60.

  • We can reletter the odometer wheel for $45

  • On Chargers we reletter the red �Brake System� lense and install a new gasket, then replace the green turn signal filters and install new gaskets for a total of $45.

    E-body Reproduction Woodgrain

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    Mopar Gauges, Mopar Instruments
    White-faced 1970 Challenger
    White Face Charger, Mopar Gauges, Mopar Instruments
    1969 White-face Charger
    Mopar Gauges, Mopar Instruments
    Mopar Gauges, Mopar Instruments
    Mopar Gauges, Mopar Instruments
    Mopar Gauges, Mopar Instruments
    Mopar Gauges, Mopar Instruments

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed!
    Backed up with our exclusive one year warranty!
    Auto Instruments Tach and Clock Repair
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